Stacy Kosub is a good attorney. I went through a very ugly and unwanted divorce and she helped me get custody of my sons. It is extremely difficult for men to do that in Texas, especially this area. The only reason I didn't give her 5 stars is because some of the items ordered in the decree and agreed to in mediation don't seem to be enforceable. I am currently dealing with non-compliance issues regarding my ex-wife and what she was ordered to do so I am looking for another attorney to help me with that. However, that decision came after a conversation with Stacy, so I am thankful she didn't just try to take money for something she wasn't interested in going after in court. Do your homework and learn the law to avoid the situation I'm in. All in all raising my sons is what I wanted most and she helped me achieve that.

Thomas Faulkenberry

Hiring Ms. Stacy Kosub has been the best decision I have made when it came to my divorce and custody battle. She has helped me from the start to the end. She saved my relationship as a father with my daughter. She always guided me and made me feel reassured that I would be able see my daughter. I am a strong believer that Ms. Stacy fights for father's rights and make sure all parties are responsible for their actions.

John Hernandez

We adopted a little girl with Stacy's help. The entire process took 6 months from start to finish. I've heard horror stories about some adoptions taking years. We are so greatful to Stacy for all her great work.

Rosemary Mathern

Helpful attorney love it.