Defend Your Parental Rights

Reach out to a child custody attorney in Wichita Falls, TX

Children are often the ones most affected by the outcome of a divorce. If you're going through a divorce that involves children, it's never safe to assume who will be granted custody. The court bases this decision on several factors, so it's important to have a child custody attorney in your corner.

At the Law Office of Stacy Kosub, PLLC, we'll speak up for you during child custody negotiations. Our lead child custody attorney, Stacy Kosub, will always do what's best for your children and fight aggressively for your parental rights. Call 940-767-8888 today to schedule a free consultation in Wichita Falls, TX.

Make sure the adoption process goes smoothly

Are you planning on welcoming a child into your family? The adoption process can be lengthy and complicated. Your dedicated adoption attorney will help you finalize the process by:

  • Making sure legal adoption consent is given
  • Following all laws governing interstate adoption
  • Arranging for mandatory post-placement visits
  • Attending the final adoption finalization hearing

Once the final hearing is complete, your child is now a permanent, legal member of your family. Speak with your local adoption attorney today to learn more about the steps you must take to adopt a child.